Enough Already

I find it disturbing that so many uninformed opinions have been given so much attention on the issue of Elliot Rodger and the California murders. First, all this attention is exactly what he wanted and provides motivation for others thinking about committing similar acts. Second, nobody knows all the facts so all this speculation does nothing but hurt all the families and friends of the victims, and this includes the family and friends of Elliot Rodger. Third, whatever mental health problems Elliot Rodger was experiencing, they were a lot more complex than saying he was evil, or a misogynist, or infatuated with being an alpha male. So to all the wannabe journalists and media hacks who are using these horrible events to generate controversy and increase viewership, think what your life would be like if your son or daughter was a victim or the one who committed the murders.

Rodney Steadman 27 May 2014

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