A lot has happened over the past four months that has made it difficult for me to write new blogs: there was a death in my family and I started a new job.

I’m at a point now where I want to continue with my blog, but I don’t know if I want to continue in the same direction. My interest in photography has been rekindled, so expect to see more image intensive blog posts, and I have become more aware of the importance of outdoor adventure and nature to my overall wellbeing, so my topics will be focused in these directions.

Thank you for reading my blogs and expect to see new blog posts in a couple of weeks.

Rodney Steadman 10 January 2016

Sandstone cliffs along the Milk River in Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Rodney Steadman.

Writing on Stone

Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada, is a place where history, belief, and art merge into an extraordinary landscape. It is a culturally important place to the Kainai, or Blood Tribe, who have existed in the region for thousands of years. This article is a first person account of Writing-on-Stone and the questions it inspires about place, history, art, and nature.